Thursday, June 25, 2009

R.I.P. Michael


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  2. i removed my own comment... haha.

  3. I know owning a wild animal is totally awful. They should be left in their natural environments. It is totally selfish and weird to own a monkey and dress it up as a little companion.
    I just wanted to acknowledge Michael's love of animals.

  4. Actually Secret Shop, Michael rescued Bubbles from a cancer research laboratory in 1985 and when Bubbles was no longer happy living with Michael he donated Bubbles here where he continues to live and thrive. Bubbles life was saved and the quality of his life was improved a thousand fold because of Michael's generosity and kindness.
    Michael was also a vegetarian and all of the animals on Neverland were rescued.
    So whatever Dellpatricks was ABOUT to say, he can dress it up in a little costume. I think the photo you chose is beautiful!
    ps, i l<3 u Dellpatricks!