Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kitty friends in NY need your Help!

Hi guys, my friend Lydia needs to find homes for her two lovebugs. They live in NY.
So say's Lydia:

Hello, Friends!

Guess what I did? I fell in love with a man who is allergic to cats.

I'm going to move in with that man this summer, so I'm writing to announce that my cats, the precious, fabulous, really truly perfect Bat Boy and Daniel will need a loving new home (or 2).

They're both 2 years old, and in perfect health. They're not brothers, but they were cage-mates when I adopted them as kittens from the shelter.
These cats and I have spent their whole live cuddling and playing and sleeping together, so they're really affectionate and they love people.

Strawberry blond and very, very cuddly. He's a happy little teddy bear who loves to be picked up and squeezed.

Black and white, with big old eyes and ears. Extremely curious and intelligent, and very interested in anybody who he thinks might pet him.

Photos are attached. Please forward to any cat lovers!

917 325 9424


  1. i think lydia should ask her boyfriend to get allergy shots before she decides to give up these two lovebugs!! they are adorable and they came first! :)

  2. i think so too. Bros before ho's