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Jack Kerouac with William S. Burroughs' cat

Ride to the Light: A Benefit for Three Animal Sanctuaries

Some friends are doing a century (100 mi) bike ride to benefit three animal sanctuaries. They leave this Saturday! Can you help by sponsoring them with a donation? Anything helps!

Find out more here: Ride to the Light.

*Bart who lives at Lighthouse Sanctuary in Oregon

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the secrets inside your dog's mind- Time Magazine

I didn't know dogs are the only animals besides humans that understand what pointing means

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L.A. Dog Needs Home

Hi! My name is Caddy (or whatever you would like to name me)! I was found abandoned in the park and really need a new home. The people who found me let me play with their dog. I am excellent at playing nicely with other dogs, and I love people and kids, too. I’m not a barker and I’m very polite and do not jump! I am easy going, sweet and eager to please. I love giving kisses. I want to learn how to shake hands and give you a high five. Please ask to meet with me. I’ve been at the shelter 3 weeks and need you to take me home! I am very healthy and about 6-9 months old. Thanks! (ID#: A1057156, North Central Animal Shelter 3201 Lacy Street, Los Angeles, CA 90031, 888-452-7381)

Spanky found this guy on the street last night

we are trying to find his home

Gary Cam

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secretly composers

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Max and Doc

Max Schaff of skateboarding and 4Q fame and his rescued friend Doc

In Tennessee, troubled elephants find an unlikely home

If you read the story you'll read why I hate the Circus.

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Tara & Bella
the best animal story ever.

Whale Wars

LOVE this show! I dvr'd the whole 2nd season... I'm half way through

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RIP Pete

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marianne faithfull

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