Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Look at this little guy!

He's called a Pygmy Jerboa! I've never heard of this little animal before. Granted he is not in his natural environment and he is being poked to jump around and look cute, I'm fairly certain he's in good hands. Or non abusive hands. The point is, how many other animals exist in the animal kingdom that we've ever seen or heard of before? The rainforest is literally teaming with thousands of undiscovered creatures. All of them beautiful and mysterious.
One of the easiest ways we can help to increase their chances of survival and ensure they have a fighting chance, is to not eat meat. Changing light bulbs in your house and recycling works to an extent, but vegetarianism is one of the most effective tools we have in preserving our ecological conditions. Deforestation for fast food grazing and hog farming are two of the leading cause's of environmental damage. So go veggie and help these little guys survive.


  1. and if you do eat meat then know where it comes from.