Sunday, January 2, 2011

healthy kitties

So I've been doing a lot of research about the proper feeding of our kitty friends and it turns out that most cat foods are complete crap.  So if you want to have a healthy kitty and one that doesn't need two insulin shots a day like mine, you may want to feed your kitties a grain-free diet that is as close to the real thing they eat in the wild as possible.  Unlike dogs, they are obligate carnivores so sadly part of owning a cat usually involves feeding them meat.  Well, of course there are many cats that do just fine on vegetarian diets but I don't feel good about doing this especially because of my little diabetic kitty Morax:
High on catnip!
Oh yeah,so not only do I have to give two shots a day, I also just started testing his glucose levels which involves stabbing him in the ear and testing his blood. I'm lucky to have such a sweetheart that tolerates all this stuff but it has been a long road to understanding this disease and how to control his high glucose levels. Poor baby! So, it's worth it to feed your cats the good stuff without the grain and mostly if not all wet food that is as pure as possible.  I may even start raising chickens again to feed to him. I don't know, I don't feel that good about it but I would rather raise them myself then not know where the meat is coming from and how the chickens were raised. And many people who feed their cats holistically grind meat, bones and all, and feed that to their kitties, which is probably cheaper than buying all this expensive wet food and I would know that gross stuff isn't in it, like dog, horse and cat meat. Yuck! And all the pet food's disgusting! So, I'm going to think about it and see.
This food table tells you the nutritional information of different types of cat foods:
I would like to make my cats vegetarian but I just don't think it is going to work. Oh well, they are killers at heart and I adore my kitties and want the best for them. So today I am starting to replace their dry food with the Blue Buffalo Wilderness cat food and keep supplementing with pure meat wet food:

Sorry for the cat food obsessed post! haha

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