Monday, November 1, 2010

Two Dogs from Galapagos Need Homes!



Two Galapagos dogs on their way to the U.S. and in need of homes!

Targus: "On the way back from Baltra, we picked up a puppy in Bellavista, who was getting knocked around because his previous owners apparently wanted him to grow up to be a cruel guard dog, and who was unneutered apparently to become a breeder dog. When the puppy (yellow lab mix) would only cry when punched and abused, he was left outside in the rain all night. We cleaned him up and treated him for a lot of health problems and neutered him. He´s absolutely beautiful and he loves humans like you can´t believe. He would always look for my laptop bag and curl up and sleep on that, so I named him Targus."

Cristobal: "We went on a call for a dog that was deemed aggressive after he apparently bit people, and he was supposed to be euthanized, but Paco examined the dog and walked with him and found he was harmless but completely scared out of his mind."

If you are interested in adopting one of these dogs, please email

If you would like to find out more about dogs and cats in the Galapagos, visit Galapagos Preservation Society. Thanks!


  1. Awww. I love these guys. such an amazing thing they are doing. The galapagos has a serious problem with feral animals and it negativly affects the wildlife. If I had room I would take one in.

  2. thanks! yeah, its a huge problem! not only are thousands of dogs and cats already living in the five islands inhabited by humans, people are continuing to illegally bring animals there. whereas once all the dogs were typical 40 lb island mutts, you now see every fashionable breed including, poodles, chows chows, pitbulls, huskies and dalmations. have you heard about the researcher building penguin condos?

  3. Thats great!! I love that place. there have only been two places on earth where i literally cried leaving: the galapagos and Bwindi in Uganda. so distant and so beautiful! The galapagos is truely magical and in need of some major work. They also have a feral pig, donkey and goat problem.

  4. We are looking for one or a couple volunteers there! Housing is provided. Wanna go? Know anyone who does? Would be volunteering at an animal clinic and doing community outreach type work. People who are interested can email me at address listed in post. :)

  5. oh man i wish i could! so bad. maybe next summer i could do some work there. I would love too!!