Monday, November 1, 2010

All in the name of science.

I heard a TA at my school the other day talking about how she worked in a lab like this. She said she had to quit the job because it was so depressing to see this stuff everyday. She said "I'm not against animal research but it was so depressing to see the treatment of these monkeys, their hair being pulled out and how the federal standards for these facilities were so low that the animals lived in horrid conditions and how insane they were from the poor treatment" etc. What a contradiction!-->I don't mind it if I don't have to see it. I think that is the stance many people take or they just try not to think about it. It's happening and it's real and should end.
Sidenote: she was going to the Rally to Restore Sanity this weekend. Maybe she found some sane
 thoughts there.
More reasons animal testing is stupid and pointless. It hurts humans too.

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