Friday, October 22, 2010

Prescibed fires: it's a good thing.

   From the Nature Conservancy website:
    "Fire, like rain and sunshine, has been an important part of our environment for millions of years, shaping the very nature of life on earth. Around the world, fires are behaving differently now than they have throughout history, primarily as a result of human actions. Changes in how and where fires burn threaten our economy and safety, and can undo decades of progress in conservation and sustainable development.

      More than half of the terrestrial world, including almost all of North America, depends on the existence of fire to maintain healthy plants and animals and natural resources upon which people depend, such as clean water. The damage caused by altered fire dynamics can be irreversible. By acting now, we can work to restore the natural role of fire in our landscapes and conserve the rich diversity of life on earth now and for future generations."

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