Monday, September 13, 2010

Opps, my circle just got wider!

When rescuing goes way wrong...
Proof that hell is paved with good intentions. Live and learn, live and learn. At least it's a really cute f*up! This is the last thing the world needed, four pit/ Amer. bulldog crosses. At least I have found three homes. The albino girl may be a challenge depending on if she is deaf or blind. Whatever, if I can't find one, she will stay with me. Here are some photos of the the birth and the newborns. Hopefully these cute pics will make you happy and remind everyone to spay and neuter. I'm sure most people reading this blog already have that handled. If you don't, letting your animals breed is a messy, scarey, and expensive ordeal. Go to a shelter to get an animal because there are plenty of dumbasses like me who let stuff like this happen (or actually my boyfriend, but I am responsible too and Nico's previous owner who abandoned her).

Why would you willingly let this happen to your dog. So painful. This is the albino puppy. It really scared me at this point.

Very yucky.

Had to think quickly and tie off one of the puppy's umbilical cord that was bleeding like crazy. Scarey!


  1. WHAT?!!! I can't believe these pictures! I love your right up...totally true!! both about spaying and neutering and also the cuteness. make sure you post an update soon!so glad you found homes already...

  2. I will def keep ya updated. they are too cute for words. lil baby bullypits!