Friday, September 24, 2010

Bonobos and the Poorest Country in the World

Unlike other apes, Bonobos only live in the wild in one country, the Democratic Republic of Congo. Both the bonobos and the Democratic Republic of Congo need our help. Without this help, the Bonobo will go extinct and the people of The Congo will continue their suffering. We have to help the people in order to save the bonobo. The suffering of this country has a long history which began with its colonization and exploration by Sir Henry Morton Stanley and the evil King Leopold II of Belgium. The book "King Leopold's Ghost" by Adam Hochschild shows clearly the horrors that occurred during this time. The massacres, slavery, and kidnapping for the slave trade decimated this country. The atrocities occurring in this country continue to this day. It is time for the Congo to be emancipated from their history and for their suffering to end. The bonobo has always been my favorite ape, with their unusual social behaviors, such as forming bonds and resolving conflicts using sex with no gender preference and their unusual appearance and human-like ways. We can see ourselves in these apes and their plight reflects our own. A change must be made to save ourselves and to save the bonobo.

Into the Congo: saving bonobos means aiding left-behind communities, an interview with Gay Reinartz:

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