Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pure love....

To the people of Los Angeles....

The name of this dog is Meg. And she is the best dog i could have ever dreamt of...
She came into my life nine months ago and she is so delicate, sweet, loving and gentle that it brings often tears in my eyes. I never raised the voice on her cause she never did anything wrong. Everybody loves her, in my office, in the park, even my cat adopted her.

Meg spent the first 4 years of her life in Ireland on racetracks, was caged at least 20 hours a day, trained as hell, had few puppies. Two are running today, the others were apparently killed cause they weren't shaped for winning. She won. She had a bad accident on tracks but survived.
At 4 years old, the greyhounds are "too old" aka not fast enough so they disapeared of the tracks. Most of them are killed or as it was the case for Meg, owners sold them to laboratories. She was rescued with 50 others greys by an association just before leaving for the lab.
Thousand of them are killed each year in Ireland, United Kingdom or USA.

The greyhounds are really low energy dogs. They just are really sensitive and gentle creatures that need a good sofa, cushions and a LOT of love.

Meg changed my life. She got a big heart. I was hoping for a good dog. But she is much more than that...
I didn't saved her, she saved me.

In Hollywood, the "Hollydogs" association has 20 Greyhounds available for adoption for a fee of $200 each. "The cost includes spay or neuter, dental care, shots, fecal tests, heartworm and disease checks, a collar and leash, grooming kit and ID tag."

Read this article here :

Hollydogs Greyhound Adoption

1600 S. Dixie Hwy., Hollywood

Information: 954-925-7758


  1. Meg is lovely - thank you for rescuing her. My husband and I have adopted 6 retired racing greyhounds since 2003. The title of your post is spot on - they ARE 'pure love'.

    I'm the Vice President of GREY2K USA - a national non-profit organization working to end dog racing nationwide.

    What you've written about dog racing is absolutely true. Greyhound racing is cruel and inhumane - it is an industry that depends on the exploitation of gentle, innocent dogs. Racing greyhounds endure years of extensive confinement, living in stacked wire cages for 20+ hours per day. They suffer serious injuries while racing, including broken legs, paralysis, cardiac arrest and heat stroke. And many are killed when they are no longer profitable.

    Fortunately, as the public has lost interest in this cruel and inhumane sport, tracks have closed and the number of greyhounds bred to race has declined. According to the National Greyhound Association (the sport's breed registry), the number of greyhounds registered to race peaked in 1993 at nearly 40,000 greyhounds. Less than 16,000 greyhounds were registered to race in 2009, and so far the figure is trending to be even less in 2010.

    As of the 1st of this year, there are 23 operational tracks remaining in just 7 states – Arizona, Texas, Iowa, West Virginia, Arkansas, Alabama and Florida. The market demand for dog racing continues to decline, and GREY2K USA will continue to work to help put this cruel industry out of business. The end of dog racing will mean that future generations of greyhounds won’t have to bear the suffering of so many in the past.

    Our website is

  2. awwww. love the greys. bring meg to ohio to visit!

  3. that video you sent me of meg racing was so sad. she is beautiful and lucky to have a mom like you. Im so glad you saved her.