Thursday, June 3, 2010



Like so many others, Toffee was a dog that the shelter gave up on. They claimed he could not be leashed or touched, that he was mean and always tried to bite. They kept him in a back room where the public could not see him. They saw a dog that was a problem.

We at AHAW saw a dog that was very scared, neglected and abused in his short life - he was a jewel just waiting to shine!

After leaving the shelter we were sure we heard a sigh of relief as Toffs climbed into the back seat of the car and cuddled in a lap.

Within five minutes of arriving at his foster's home he was taking treats out of our hands. We distracted him with little bites of hot dog and put a collar around his neck!

And, before we knew it, he was walking gracefully around the yard on a leash!!! Clearly Toffee was ready to trust us.

He has now blossomed and definitely knows how to pose and look adorable....

Toffee loves playing fetch in the back yard and chasing squirrels that run along the property wall. He races around with a stuffed toy in his mouth, and, on rare occasions, will stop for a yawn when he thinks no one is looking.

In the past few months previously-skinny Toffee has filled in and now weighs about 20 lbs.

As you can see Toffee has adapted nicely and has left all those bad experiences in his previous life....BEHIND!

He loves his treats, is very eager to please, but remains a bit worried about strangers - especially men. A remnant from his past that he wants so much to overcome. Toffee is a smart dog who just needs his new people to allow him to settle in and feel comfortable, just as he has done in his foster home. He's a jewel in our eyes and once you meet him, we know he will shine for you as well.

Please email if you would like to meet Toffee. An application, home check, contract and adoption fee will be required.

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