Wednesday, March 3, 2010

bean needs a home

this is bean, and she needs a good home...
i was at my dog groomer when i saw bean, fell in love, and agreed to foster her. she was abandoned in griffith park and looked like she had been through a lot when i first saw her.
she is a deer chihuahua, and i wish i could keep her. she has been great with my other dog and cat, loves people (even though shes timid at first), is a bad watch dog (has not barked once), i can tell she wants to be playful (but she hasnt had the energy to anything other than wiggle her little butt when she gets excited), and she is going to be an amazing, sweet, funny, and loyal friend to anyone who is lucky enough to adopt her... she has not left my side.
email me if you want to meet baby bean.