Wednesday, January 6, 2010


ok, maybe I have to go get Jill...

"Do we really need words, or doesn’t that face tell Jill’s whole story? Jill was dumped at the shelter along with her brother Jack. They were completely bonded and shared a kennel. One night Jack died right in front of Jill and she spent the night curled up against his dead body, where workers found her the next morning. She was completely traumatized. Discarded in middle age, this 40 pound dog has sweet warm eyes that will melt you, and a personality that will win your heart in a flash. All she asks is for a home with a warm bed, food in her belly and love. Jill is not doing well in her current boarding situation and we are DESPERATE to get her into a foster or forever home asap!"

1 comment:

  1. How could there be NO comments! How could there be none?! This poor soul, so sweet. I would take her without hesitation.............I'm too far away.