Sunday, July 12, 2009

I'm so annoyed right now. I saw a Siberian Husky crossing the street in Elysian Park with no collar. I pulled over followed her around the park for 30 minutes until someone finally helped me grab her. I put her on Mimi's leash which i just tied around her neck because the collar was too small to use. I walked her to my car, her ears were all bitten up and she was definitely hungry, but she walked well on a leash. We got to my car but somehow while hitting the unlock button on my keys, she slipped away again. Then she vanished. I'm really pissed about it. I drove around and didn't see her again. I really hate getting so close to helping her out and then just losing her. The funny thing was, apart from the running away, I could tell she liked Mimi and I. All I can keep thinking about is how the leash should have been tied tighter... then she'd be in the yard right now eating a huge bowl of food.


So I went back out with a box of treats and a leash and found the dog almost right away!
Some old woman said "you did a good thing, she has been out here all day"

then another woman passed and was said "she is owned by a guy that lives down the street"

I found the door of the owner, and said I found your dog.

He unthankfully replied "She must have got out earlier when I was moving, do you want to keep her?"

shocked I was like "are you serious?"

He said no, but i don't trust him one bit.

Another dog with no collar on the loose... bitten up ears. A junk yard property with a bunch of dirty dogs sleeping outside.
I guess that's what its like in East LA.

As I was leaving I asked for the dogs name, he had to think for a few seconds too long and said "Kelly"


  1. Maybe you should just be really up front with these people who aren't caring for their dogs?
    Just tell them that if they decide they don't want them, you'll take them.
    I know a couple of people who got their dogs that way.