Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gift of the Black Cat

Frank Zappa loves black cats!

Supermodels from the 80's love Black Cat's!

Carole Lombard loves black cats!

Hip rock n rollers love Black Cats!

Did you know that Black Cats are the most euthanized animal in the United Sates? Sadly it is true. They are the least likely to be adopted. The dark side of no kill shelters is that many- not all- try to take animals that will be adopted fastest, and are most likely to find loving homes, hence, many black cats are not even accepted into no kill shelters because they will inevitable take space away from another animal that could be adopted out. Hence, more black cats end up in kill shelters. It's a vicious cycle.
Other Humane Society's wont adopt their black cats out during October, not because of abuse or mutilation, these are mostly unfounded folk tales, but because of the real fact that there is a higher percentage of black cat's being adopted out during October and then being returned in November. Shelters also report finding more black cats in the streets following Halloween. As soon as people don't need them anymore as party props or costume accessories they throw them out or return them like cardigans from J Crew they got for a wedding. It's fucking Sick.
As a black cat mom I can only speak of the love and kindness King Tut has brought into my life. He is silky, playful and smart. Not to mention beautiful. He is a proud black cat. Please if you are considering adopting a cat, consider adopting a black one, you make room for one more black cat to be taken into a shelter and undoubtedly save a life, but most of all, make a forever friend.
article on this sadness
a good rescue if you are considering adopting a black cat, you can put one more in a shelter!

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